Know Millets Webinars 2020

Millets are slowly coming back to people’s kitchen and dining tables. Millet cultivation in terms of the area under cultivation continues to drop, increasing the worries of those looking to promote millets. Though, at the same time, cultivation for the market is beginning to see an uptick in recent times.

The Working Group on Millets (WGoM) of Revitalizing Rain fed Agriculture Network (RRA-N) has brought together a few experts from the millets ecosystem to identify, prioritize and advise policy advocacy measures to accelerate millet adoption in farmers’ fields and in people’s plates – in both urban as well as rural areas.

The Know Millets Webinars are designed to introduce the various aspects of millets and discuss questions concerning the specific topic of the day. The series of 10 webinars shall be every third day between 3 and 4 PM starting from Monday May 4th and concluding on Sunday May 31st. Each webinar shall be an hour long, with a 20 minute presentation and a minimum of 25 minutes for participants’ questions and discussions. Please fill the form ( if you would like to attend any (a few, or all !) of the webinars. Registration for a webinar shall close at 10 AM on the day of the webinar. The link to join the webinar shall be emailed to you around noon of the day of the webinar.

We have also set up a social media channel on Telegram ( for continuing dissemination of information and an associated group for discussion on the subject. While the presentation shall mostly be in English, the Q&A shall be multi-lingual (English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and manage to work in a little bit of Tamil too.) The presentation used in and a report of each webinar shall be uploaded on this site and can be reached by following the tag webinars2020.

Do gather your Qs about millets and share them either in the registration form, in the webinar itself, as a comment on this page, or on the Telegram group. We shall try our best to answer them all.

We look forward to your participation in the webinars !

(Click here for the schedule in a Google Calendar)

Schedule for the Know Millets Webinars (May 2020)

Sl. No.
Report (Numbers)
Q&A report – first cut
Q&A report – final
Community centric approach – cultivation, processing, consumptionMonday, 04recordingslidessession in numbersQ&A first cutshall be posted
2Value addition to millet based products – cooking characteristics, replacing paddy rice or wheat in recipes, etc.Thursday, 07recordingslidessession in numbersQ&A first cutshall be posted
3Millets and Agro-bio, food, and nutritional diversity – past, present and futureSunday, 10recordingslidessession in numbersQ&A first cutshall be posted
4Millet processing – principles techniques and challengesWednesday, 13recordingslidessession in numbersQ&A first cutshall be posted
5Grain characteristics- structural, nutritional & storageSaturday, 16recordingslides
6The ecological and cultural value of millets – who grew and continue to; how and why do they continueTuesday, 19recordingslides
7Millet cultivation – choice of crop and seeds, practices to improve quality of crop, perspectives of yield and productivityFriday, 22recordingslides
8Intro to Mechanized Processing of millets – objectives, choosing scale operations, machines, skill developmentMonday, 25recordingslides
9Quality assessment and consumer price concerns regarding staple forms of milletsThursday, 28recordingslides
10Enterpreneurship in Millets in India + Millet value chain + marketing trendsSunday, 31recordingslides

13 thoughts on “Know Millets Webinars 2020

    1. Thank you for writing to us Rajesh. I am not sure I understand your request properly. Are you looking for a threshing machine for foxtail millet? A machine in which you can put the harvested panicles in and get the grains out (with their husk intact)? In parts of Anantapur, Kurnool districts of AP, and some parts of Rayagada Dt. in Odisha, I have seen local adaptations made to a paddy rice thresher so that they are able to thresh Foxtail millet or Little millet. I know of a few pvt. parties working on / planning to work on threshers for small millets. Do let us know what you would mean by a small scale machine. In case I come across something that meets your criteria or is promising, I shall let you know about it and share about it here on


    1. Hi Dr. Sindhu,
      We have created a group on Telegram, a messaging application similar to WhatsApp. You can join the group by visiting this page:

      There are several reasons to host the group on Telegram and not WhatsApp, if you are curious to know what these are, a casual search online shall provide quite a few resources.


    1. Good point ! Thank you for bringing it to our attention !

      Sorry, we missed it on the first Webinar’s page. Have added it in the second one’s. Will update the first one too shortly.


    1. thank you for your interest ! Please make sure you register using the form linked in the article above.

      Looking forward to your participation !


      1. Madam/Sir, have you registered for the session today? apologies that you have not received the email with the webinar details. Please send us an email and we shall send you the invite email.


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