Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 04

Processing is a crucial step in accessing the nutrition that millets offer. In this webinar, we shall discuss the types of millets, their characteristics that come in handy when processing, and the principles of processing. We shall take a quick peek into machines and discuss some of the challenges in processing millets.

Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 02

Dishes were made with millets in many different cuisines, like many other cereal grains. As we rediscover and experiment with millet based cooking, it would help to have an idea of what are some of characteristics and cooking qualities of millets. In this session, we shall share some of our understanding about these grains, their nutritional benefit, how different types of cooking changes their taste, texture and bio availability of nutrients. The influence of cultivation practices on nutritional content and cooking quality shall also be discussed briefly.

Why is the bran so rich in nutrients?

The grains that we grow, harvest and eat as cereals are produced by the plants as their next generation. Observing the cereal grains from this perspective helps us better understand and appreciate the structure and nutritional composition in the grains. As mentioned in the earlier posting discussing the structure of a husked millet grain, the … Continue reading Why is the bran so rich in nutrients?

Dehusking small millets – its what we retain that matters

Cereal grains that we eat in the form of rice have a husk that we cannot digest. We need to remove this outer most layer to bring it to a form where as much of the nutrition in the grain is made accessible to our bodies. This process of removing the husk is called dehusking, … Continue reading Dehusking small millets – its what we retain that matters

Steps in small millet processing

Like any grain processing, small millet processing involves three primary tasks: Size Grading Density Grading Hulling (also referred to as dehusking) An eccentric or vibrating grader is used to achieve size grading, a¬†destoner is used for density grading and an¬†impact or shear huller is used for hulling. Most people talking about millet processing invariably focus … Continue reading Steps in small millet processing