Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 02

Dishes were made with millets in many different cuisines, like many other cereal grains. As we rediscover and experiment with millet based cooking, it would help to have an idea of what are some of characteristics and cooking qualities of millets. In this session, we shall share some of our understanding about these grains, their nutritional benefit, how different types of cooking changes their taste, texture and bio availability of nutrients. The influence of cultivation practices on nutritional content and cooking quality shall also be discussed briefly.

The amazing brown top millet !

Sahaja Samrudha (Bengaluru) & Dhanya (Tumkur) have published a book on brown top millet recently (Adbhuta siridhanya korale, Kannada, second edition, 2016, Rs. 60/-). Written by the prolific and ever green Mallikarjun Hosapalya, the first thing that stood out about this book were the many and colorful photographs. Brown top millet (btm) is even lesser … Continue reading The amazing brown top millet !

Each node is a collar in waiting

The portion of a plant that connects the shoot to the root is commonly referred to as the collar region. An amazing thing can be noticed in most millets. As the plant grows, the younger tillers push the older tillers further and further away from the central axis of the plant. At each node in … Continue reading Each node is a collar in waiting