Millets are the in thing. Those who are health conscious, who are looking to move to a diet that is planet and farmer friendly are seeking to include them in their diets.

We at The Millet Foundation seek to enable and strengthen the various stakeholders, from farmers, to traders, to retails to consumers, by demystifying millets, their properties, their processing and their nutritional and health benefits.

Nutrition Chart (org. published in The Millet Booklet, Dec. 2016)

Retailers and consumers are constrained by several factors, the ability to identify quality of produce and supply chain logistics being the most significant ones. Various constraining factors affect the production of whole grain millets leaving the market flooded by nutrition depleted polished millet rices. As most of the sought after nutrition in millets are in the bran layer, TMF is focused on working towards improving millet processing methodology and machines to try and convey natures bounty to the millet consumers in todays villages and cities and help incorporate millets in their daily diets.