Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 05

Grain characteristics- structural, nutritional & storage

Saturday, May 16th 2020. 3 PM to 4 PM (Indian Std Time)

Millets is a common noun used to refer to different grains derived from hardy, rainfed crops. In different contexts one might be referring to one or more of the 10 grains that commonly fit this description. As these grains need to be processed before it can be consumed, one needs to understand their structure, especially if we are looking to include these foods in our diets seeking better nutrition. These grains are extremely rich in nutrients – not just for us humans, but for many other species too. And these have evolved along with millets for a much longer time than we humans have. So if we are to store millets and not want to share it with these other species (commonly classified under the label of pests), we need to get smart and understand how we can achieve it in a safe and sustainable manner. In this session we shall explore these very aspects taking as close a look into different millet grains as time shall permit !

Anchor/Moderator: Amrita Hazra

Amrita Hazra is an assistant professor in the departments of chemistry and biology at IISER, Pune. Her research interests lie in how vitamins are made and utilized in nature. She is deeply interested in nutrition and started the Millet Project in 2015 to rediscover the tradition of cultivating and consuming millets.

Speaker: Dr. Dwiji Guru

Dwiji is a serial entrepreneur, technology developer, researcher, and advocate for sustainable food systems. Dwiji consult for and work with various stakeholders – from farmers to consumers – on dry land farming, processing, specializing in various aspects of millets spanning a broad spectrum from cultivation practices, processing, cooking to nutrition.

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From the session

  1. A copy of the slides presented in the webinar
  2. the recording of the webinar on YouTube

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