Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 07

Harvested panicles of Foxtail Millet and ground nuts from a mix cropped field

Millet Cultivation: choice of crop and seeds, practices to improve quality of crop, perspectives of yield and productivity

Tuesday, May 22nd 2020. 3 PM to 4 PM (Indian Std Time)

When looking to take up millet cultivation, farmers are often faced with a situation where they have no guidance and have to work off very little information, or a large amount of information is dumped on them and they have to find their way through. Getting a grasp of the guiding principles behind looking to bring millets back to the farms – improving access to nutritious food within the producer community, sustainable farming within a plan to move towards sustainable food systems – will help farmers identify ways to seek out specific information or to sift through available data to make better decisions. We shall discuss what would be some of the early steps in implementing these principles with regard to choice of crop & seeds, and cultivation practices.

As shared in the earlier sessions on nutrition & value addition or on grain characteristics, in the webinar on millet cultivation, we shall try to communicate the essence, motivations and stories touching on the why and what so that the how of millet cultivation will make more sense to those taking up or returning to millets and that too millet cultivation.

Anchor/Moderator: Susanta Choudhary

Susanta Choudhary is the Regional coordinator (Research) in WASSAN, Odisha. He has completed a M.Sc (Botany) and M.phil (tribal studies). He has worked for 20 years on traditional rice in the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation. He has published 25 papers in national and International journals and has been awarded two national awards for two papers by Asian Agri-history.

Speaker: Dr. Dwiji Guru

Dwiji is a serial entrepreneur, technology developer, researcher, and advocate for sustainable food systems. Dwiji consult for and work with various stakeholders – from farmers to consumers – on dry land farming, processing, specializing in various aspects of millets spanning a broad spectrum from cultivation practices, processing, cooking to nutrition.

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The sessions shall be Live streamed on YouTube. Please visit (and subscribe to !) the RRA network YouTube channel. Recordings of completed sessions are also posted there.

From the session

  1. A copy of the slides presented in the webinar
  2. the recording of the webinar on YouTube

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