Know Millets Webinars 2020, Session # 09

Quality assessment and consumer price concerns regarding staple forms of millets

Thursday, May 28th 2020. 3 PM to 4 PM (Indian Std Time)

Over the past few decades there has been an erosion of knowledge and familiarity when it comes to food in its many natural forms. This has been the case with millets too. Many amongst us are working millets in to our diets, driven by a search for better nutrition. As it is a fairly new commodity in the marketplace, it is not just the consumers, but also many of the players in the supply chain that do not have the necessary information to judge whether what they are buying (or selling) is of a good quality or not. Added to this, the per kg price of millet rice, rawa or flour is significantly higher than that of the same quantity of bleached (aka polished) paddy rice or wheat based products.

In this session, we shall go over some of the simple ways to identify the quality of different staple forms of millets and also share some simple and effective ways to assuage consumer’s concerns regarding the price of millet based products.

Anchor/Moderator: Mr. Phaneesh Krishna,

Phaneesh trained as an Electronics and Communication Engineer and worked for two years in a software company. He has since been associated with Gram Seva Sangh, a socio cultural organization actively working for a fair and just taxation in the GST system, handloom movement, sacred economy etc. In Aug 2018, he joined the Ragi Kana, a Sunday market to connect rural producers and urban consumers, founded by gram seva sangh and Hulkul muniswamappa Muni Venkatamma charitable trust. Ragi Kana is also a space for discussions on Gandhi, sustainability, environment, handicraft, Social movements etc. Currently he is a convener of Ragi Kana and a Young Professional for the Karnataka chapter under Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN) where he is working on advocacy for better policies on rainfed agriculture.

Speaker: Dr. Dwiji Guru

Dwiji is a serial entrepreneur, technology developer, researcher, and advocate for sustainable food systems. Dwiji consult for and work with various stakeholders – from farmers to consumers – on dry land farming, processing, specializing in various aspects of millets spanning a broad spectrum from cultivation practices, processing, cooking to nutrition.

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From the session

  1. A copy of the slides presented in the webinar
  2. the recording of the webinar on YouTube

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