All seeds are grains, but every grain does not make a seed!

As we approach the time to gather seeds for the upcoming season …


There is an old wisdom shared in almost all languages of the subcontinent – that all seeds are grains but not all grains can qualify to be used as seeds. Recently grains of 6 different millet varieties were processed at the Earth360 facility in Kadiri, A.P.. While part of the size based selection is done using a grader, the larger & heavier grains (the images in the left hand side column) are selected for seeds using multiple passes in a destoner. The remaining material (the images in the right hand side column) shall be collected and used for other purposes, including for processing to human edible forms.

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Lets call it bleached rice, not polished rice

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a good part of a day a couple of weeks ago with an amazing group of students and faculty from Massey University, New Zealand. They were traveling through south India on a study tour - trying to understand how Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship is … Continue reading Lets call it bleached rice, not polished rice

A teaser for the Sat., 12/3/16 workshop with Aikyam

If you are in BLR and looking to do something in the first part of this Sat. (MAR 12th, 2016), head over to Koramangala and seek out Aatta Galatta for the first event of the Earth Friendly Choices - Stories of Sustainable Living series organized by Aikyam. Here's a teaser of what I will be … Continue reading A teaser for the Sat., 12/3/16 workshop with Aikyam