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Till recently I was writing technical reports and scientific publications. I have slowly started developing the writer’s itch as I cooled off from the heavy lifting late last year (when I finally finished writing my thesis). After a good 4 months I have decided to succumb and start blogging. Again.

Over the past five years I started blogging on different issues and after a few posts I had lost the flair to write. And this happens to be the fifth blog that I have started! I hope it will be a case of fifth time steady 🙂

In March ’08, Sudha & I started the search we have been planning for more than 4 years now. Through this blog, I will be sharing my notes, observations, and thoughts as we search for a life with a smaller footprint and one that is socially and politically relevant. In the remaining months of 2008 and leading up to summer of 2009 we will be trying to figure out how we will earn a livelihood working with people’s movements and rights based community organizations in India. My living history has been amongst urban communities and voluntary organization. Communicating about the various people’s movements and rights based organization with this population forms an important part of my time commitments. This blog will hopefully play a central role in this direction and experiences in these interactions will feature at regular intervals on this blog. For a short while, I tried to understand water policy at different administrative levels from the panchayats up to the central govt. But I soon realized that traveling and reading intersect over a very thin sliver and have shelved these plans for now.

I thought the concept of Tiddlers was pretty cool, especially the way it can be wrapped into a Wiki, like TiddlyWiki. But given the topics about which I intend to write and my writing skills, I am pretty sure that I would need more than two to three sentences. So, inspired by Tiddly blogs, my blog has been christned, Dwiddly. Though more than three sentences, I will try to keep my posts under 400 words … though no promises on that count.

Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I think I will enjoy writing them. And do post your comments. I will respond to as many and in as timely a manner as I can.

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      1. Apologies for the delayed reply.

        I work with multiple vendors and processors, mentioning one means not mentioning others.

        Our food purchases are not a one time investment. Please do try different vendors and you’ll find the one you like more …


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