A teaser for the Sat., 12/3/16 workshop with Aikyam

If you are in BLR and looking to do something in the first part of this Sat. (MAR 12th, 2016), head over to Koramangala and seek out Aatta Galatta for the first event of the Earth Friendly Choices – Stories of Sustainable Living series organized by Aikyam.
Here’s a teaser of what I will be presenting/leading the discussions on …
Barnyard millet, not very well formed grains but note the distinct ridge line on the top.
Though they may not recognize these as millets, (even today) a large number of well to do Hindu women / families (?) of central and North India eat this regularly. Note that the grains in this pic are not fully formed, but their distinguishing characteristic, the ridge line on the top, is quite clearly visible. These are grains of the Indian Barnyard Millet, Kuthiravalli (in Tamil), ಊದಲು, ఊదర్లు, सांवाँ


Kodo millet grains; note the broad base and the coconut like cap at one end.
This millet has the distinction of being given the official status of a noxious weed (along with 113 others) that should not be allowed into the country by the Food & Drug Administration of USA. Note the broad base and the coconut like cap at one end. These are grains of Kodo Millet, Varagu (in Tamil), ಹಾರಕ, ఆరికలు, कोदौ/कोदरा.


Little millet grains of different varieties; more globular and lustrous.
One of the smallest cereal grains, but slightly more globular and lustrous than most grasses and other millets. For the uninitiated, it is hard to distinguish whether the field it is growing in has been over run by a particular kind of grass or if it is a cultivated field ! These are grains of Little Millet, Samai (in Tamil), ಸಾಮೆ/ಸಾವಿ, సామ, कुटकि.

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