the Bengaluru Millet Walk 2017 – Thindi Oota Special

Miles for Millets

The idea for the Bengaluru Millet Walk came from the Mera Terah Run team. In Dec ’16 the MTR annual yatra was a campaign to revive millets – to work towards encouraging millet based diets and their cultivation and processing. As part of Mera Terah Run 2016  – Miles for Millets a team of volunteers visited 13 different places in 13 days and ran a half marathon (13.1 kms) at each place. Almost 4 months later, it was decided that we would promote millets on the streets of Bengaluru and the best way would be to walk in a group and talk to people about it.

And given that it will take more than just the talk about millets to fuel the walk, it was decided that the route we be such that we would stop at restaurants in town that serve millet based foods. And so we are undertaking first edition of the Bengaluru Millet Walk – Thindi Oota Special !

About the rest stops

Hotel Vande Matharam, South Ruchis Square, Buffalo Back Collective, Vaathsalya Millet Cafe and Kaulige Millet Cafe are the places where we will be taking a rest stop, re-hydrating and getting some food in to fuel the walk. More about each of these places after the team visits them as part of the walk later today !

More about Millets

To read more about millets please see the various other posts on this website and at

Come back here after 24th April for restaurant reviews, testimonials and links to other social media posts from the walk.

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