​Why eat millets?

Why eat millets? It is a very simple question.

The world we live in and are leaving our children cannot sustain the food systems that we grew up with and have practiced so far. Climate change, water demand, nutrient shortfalls, there are many reasons for us to start rethinking our food critically.

Paddy requires about ten times more water to reach our plate, wheat about five times. Both paddy and wheat are fairly temperature sensitive when growing. They both require frequent protection from pests and monitoring for deficiencies.

Millets on the other hand, require a fraction of the water, are extremely climate hardy, grow even in highly degraded soils, and are resistant to pests and diseases in most conditions.

So millets hold much a stronger promise for tomorrow than paddy and wheat. Millets appear to be the grains around which a more sustainable food system can be built. Those who adapt to this reality quicker will survive the changing world better.


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