Should we stop eating paddy rice and wheat?

Should we stop eating paddy rice and wheat?

Nutritionally whole grain paddy rice (not the polished ones), or whole wheat (not the refined/all purpose) have something to offer. So do oats, barley, the many millets and many other cereal grains and pseudo cereals. The polished white paddy or the refined/all purpose flour have very little beyond carbohydrates in them.

What we eat is dependent on not just what is more nutritious. We make compromises and our choices are decided by taste, convenience, social acceptability and most commonly financial pressures/affordability. It is important that people start thinking about what they are eating and make conscious choices, understanding what are the compromises they are making.

 If we as a community want to move towards sustainable food systems, I think it is imperative that we reduce our dependence on paddy rice and wheat, and include millets in our diets. 


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