Talk on Impacts of millet consumption on agriculture

Colloquium at the Azim Premji University, Post Graduate Campus, Electronic City, Bengaluru on Friday 16th Aug. 2019 @ 2 PM  Consumption and production are interlinked processes – an increase in either can only be sustained if there is a corresponding increase in the other. There are multiple reasons to promote millet cultivation – its climate hardiness, … Continue reading Talk on Impacts of millet consumption on agriculture

Steps in small millet processing

Like any grain processing, small millet processing involves three primary tasks: Size Grading Density Grading Hulling (also referred to as dehusking) An eccentric or vibrating grader is used to achieve size grading, a destoner is used for density grading and an impact or shear huller is used for hulling. Most people talking about millet processing invariably focus … Continue reading Steps in small millet processing